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Week In Review with Host Dan Hennen - Flynn Pardoned - General McInerney - Kraken - Voter Fraud

November 30, 2020

Dan provides commentary and analysis on the past week's "news" stories.  And strips out the Fake News.

Topics this week include:  contents of Hunter Biden's laptop is released on 4chan; Quantas Airlines CEO states proof of COVID-19 vaccination may be required to board flights in the near future; new voter fraud witness in Detroit comes forward; Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to fraud and kickback conspiracy; multiple election votes found in Macon, GA with the address of a UPS store; Trump strips CIA of Special Ops powers; Jon Voight's video; voting machine "glitch" confirmed in Massachusetts; Delian Project has ties to Dominion Voting; General Flynn pardoned and "multiple persons of interest" are now being looked at in the 2017 murders of Barry Sherman and wife in Toronto.

More info on Sidney Powell including the 47 "missing" USB flash drives with Admin Access to voting machines and her "noose" necklace; Governor Whitmer in Michigan to be impeached?  Las Vegas Raiders player receives a call from Nevada Health Department confirming he has COVID, but was a mistake; State Senator from Pennsylvania Doug Mastriano gets "banned" on Twitter, but quickly re-instated;  AG Barr hires Robert Heberle to head up the election fraud investigation; top Nuclear Scientist from Iran is murdered and new drops from Q Anon but sans the trip code.

Tulsi Gabbard calls for Presidential pardons for Assange and Snowden; Biden twists his ankle; the Georgia voting machine "impound" that was quickly "reversed" and General McInerney with new info on the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion (the Kraken) that may have been involved with the US Voting Server rescue by the White Hats in Frankfurt, Germany.

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