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Week In Review with Host Dan Hennen - Hunter Biden Laptop - Seal Team 6 - Bruce Ohr - Steve Scully and More!

October 20, 2020

Dan provides commentary and analysis from the past week's new items.

This week's discussion includes:  Hunter Biden's Laptop and its contents, FBI's Joshua Wilson assigned to the case, Burisma connections and underage sexual activities on video.

Hunter has two buddies in the news.....one being Devon Archer, who was recently convitcted of Fraud, but the case was overturned by corrupt Judge Ronnie Abrams, and one named Bevan Cooney was has "flipped' and has turned over 26,000 emails.

Bruce Ohr (husband of CIA's Nellie Ohr) is no longer working for the DOJ.

Allan Parrot made the news with his documentary "Feathered Cocaine" and the Benghazi whistle blower story.

American Hostages were released in Yemen this week....Seal Team 6.....Christopher Wray refuses to cooperate....Steve Scully admits he "made up" the Twitter hack...Amy Coney Barrett....John McCain's mother dies....and the film "The Plot Against the President" is now available on vimeo....Kamala Harris.....Jack Dorsey....and the former Mexican Defense Minister is arrested at LAX last week.

Democratic Mayor candidate in Texas charged with 84 counts of mail  ballot fraud and it turns out that Admiral McRaven was in charge of the mission called "Extortion 17" and the "faked" raid to kill Osama bin Laden in 2011.

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