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Week In Review with Host Dan Hennen - Stimulus Package - Nashville Bombing - Tiffany Dover - Dr. Birx and More!

December 28, 2020

Dan provides updates, analysis and commentary on the past week's "news" items... and strips out the Fake News so you don't have to.

Topics include:  Trump Pardons PapaD; London Lockdown; Dr. Birx resigns; COVID Vaccines;  Fainting Nurse is Tiffany Dover; and more updates on the murder of Brandy Vaughan.

Ukraine officials hold a press conference on 12/25/20 with more incriminating evidence on the Bidens... but the US news doesn't mention it.  Fire in Rochester, NY brings down a printing business (and election ballot printing business);  Explosion in downtown Nashville is blamed on a lone nut and an RV; Updates on the recent Stimulus Package; new Acting AG Jeffrey Rosen; DC Mayor proclaims "Dr. Anthony Fauci Day"; the strange Kevin Spacey video and the brush fire in Camp Pendelton on Christmas Eve day.

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