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Week In Review with Host Dan Hennen - Vaccines - Election Fraud - Jean Luc Brunel - Maricopa County and More!

December 21, 2020

Dan provides commentary and analysis on this past week's "news" stories...and strips out the Fake News so you don't have to.

Topics discussed in this episode include....Roscoe Davis; Molly McCauley; Antrim County; Hunter Biden; Dan Scavino; Solar Winds; Dominion Voting; Lin Wood; Roger Stone; AG Barr; Harrison Deal and James O'Sullivan.

Also Trump wins election in Nevada and the Georgia Secretary of State announces they will conduct a signature audit of absentee ballots in Cobb County.

Vaccine news includes the Pope, Pence and Pelosi.

Pat Cipollone, the White House General Counsel was fired on 12/20.  Jean Luc-Brunel arrested in France, and Macron tests positive for virus also in France.

Zuckerberg sells off his Facebook stock on 12/12/20 and Maricopa County, Arizona announces it will NOT comply with a supoena for a forensic audit of the election.

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