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Week In Review with Host Dan Hennen - Voting Fraud - Sidney Powell - Biblical - Tucker Carlson and Huma Abedin!

November 22, 2020

Dan provides commentary and analysis on the past week's "news" stories.  And strips out the Fake News so you don't have to.

Topics include:  The word "Biblical", Huma Abedin's first post in 2.5 years, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, A "criminal investigation" into the 2020 Election has been opened,  FBI's "Operation Varsity Blues" is discussed, "A Time To Heal" exposed as Operation Mockingbird, Large scale child sex trafficking ring results in close to 200 arrests in Tallahassee, FL, and the recent shooting in Wisconsin

Also, updates on the "shutdowns" in Washington state, Minnesota, Ohio and Michigan are discussed.  Governor Whitmer to be "impeached" in Michigan?  Trump to remove the troops in Somalia, and Afghanistan and the connections between SmartMatic, Dominion Voting and Scytl and how Peter Neffinger ties into all of this.

Finally, Tracy Beanz, Lindsay Graham Judy Sheldon, Nancy Pelosi, Tucker Carlson and a woman in Alabama is sentenced to 15 years in prison for "falsifying" drug test results to multiple parents who lost custody of their kids because of it.

Today also marks the 57 year anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  Many still believe Lee Oswald was the shooter.

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