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Week In Review with Host Dan Hennen - Trump/Pence Debate #2 Cancelled - Trump Receives Another Peace Prize Nomination and Troops Coming Home From Afghanistan!

October 11, 2020

Dan provides commentary and analysis on this past week's news stories, and strips out the fake news.

Discussion includes:  US Postal Worker in New Jersey was arrested and accused of dumping mail and election ballots....Ghislaine Maxwell's appeal will take place on Tuesday in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals this week....Denver shooting...Steve Scully's tweet....Seattle Human Rights Commission calls for Mayor to resign or be removed...Broward County School Board demands that parents turn in their children's psychiatric records to "prove" they suffered mental anguish resulting from the Parkland Shooting...Barr says Durham Report will be completed AFTER the election...Michigan's Governor "kidnapped"?  

Also mentioned, All Q Anon related channels on Discord have been removed....Soldiers in Afghanistan coming home prior to Christmas this year....Trump nominated for another Nobel Peace Prize and 50,000 Ohio voters receive the wrong absentee ballot in the mail.

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